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Welcome to the techNACITY website

techNACITY BJJ Gi's, Clothing and Apparel: Quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sporting wear. Located in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

We celebrate the joining together of technique and tenacity. In BJJ, MMA, or any sport the sharpest competitor is dull if he/she lacks the will to persist through the grind. On the other end the most determined opponent will succumb to technique. You need skill N' will to make it in BJJ and MMA. 

We're an anytime anyWEAR action apparel for all who give their all even if quitting seems alright. When we do go down (I know I do) it' may be a fight to get back up but it's a bigger fight to keep us down. Train smart, fight hard, and the rest is cool either way. Maybe we lost yesterday, but yesterday is gone. Recognize that today is the right day to fight on: win or lose: techNACITY is the Art of Existence. 

Our current clothing and apparel designs are limited. We love BJJ and MMA. But don't put us in a box. We'll introduce new designs on new apparel only when we have something meaningful to say in a beautiful way. We are a small Canadian company that appreciates you. With enough strategic planning and a ton of persistence we'll be just as small by this time next year. BUT we'll appreciate you way more! We believe in quality and fair trade. We buy local as much as possible. Local is expensive so our margins are low. But charging way too much for a t-shirt isn't cool when we're spending way too much nowadays just to exist. And...it's just a t-shirt. It wouldn't even exist without you.

Bottom line: Keep going to BJJ / MMA class no matter how hard it gets. Have fun. Train in quality techNACITY fight clothing: Keep on existing. Win or lose: look good doing it. Today, techNACITY celebrates the Science of your Sustenance. And remember: the 'underdog' wears techNACITY on special occasions. Today is special. We exist.